FIBC Jumbo Bag Printing Machine

For bag sizes of 52″x72″ to 72″x82″ bags & Jumbo Bag Printing M/c with Pneumatic Controls System.


Types of Attachments:

  1. Bag Stopper Attachment
  2. Bag Collection Table
  • Pneumatic System :
    Pneumatic System for a long life of blanket & less rejection of Bags.
  • Anilox Rollers :
    PneTo save 25% of ink consumption & give excellent printing clarity.
  • Stopper Attachment :
    Draw Rollers actuated by adjustable cam for synchronizing with Stopper Attachment to print at exact position of bag (i.e. you can set exact margin) there by eliminating judgment of operator.
  • Bag Gripper :
    Bag hold down tapes ensures that the bag is gripped from take up to the point of release. It gives good registration between different colors. (Especially for light weight fabrics)
  • AC Drive :
    To regulate/ to do variation in speed. It will increase life of machine parts, specially gears. It reduces stereo setting time & easier for machine cleaning.
  • Ink Drying Heater & Blower :
    For quick drying of printed ink, at bag output side of machine.
  • Inching System :
    At each Drum we provide power switch to rotate drum as per requirement at time of stereo setting. It reduces workers stereo setting time & provide ease at the time of cleaning drum & belt.
  • Emergency Stop :
    At center & output side of machine we provide Emergency Stop switch to reduce rejection of bags as well as it helps to avoid accidents.
Technical Specification
Model No. of Colors Max. Fabric Feeding Size




Production capacity Motor Stereo
Width Length Thickness Material
AS 5272-J Up to 4 color 51 inch /
1295 mm /
1.29 Mtr.
72 inch /
1829 mm /
1.83 Mtr.
(Medium to Heavy weight fabric.)
22 – 25 Bags / Min. 3 Phase,
1440 RPM,
440 V,
50 Cycles.
*1Hp to 7Hp
(Depends upon No. of
Min.: 4mm
Recommended : 6 mm
Photopolymer, Rubber, Nylon can be used
AS 5282-J Up to 4 color 51 inch /
1295 mm /
1.29 Mtr.
82 inch /
2083 mm /
2.08 Mtr.
AS 6282-J Up to 4 color 61 inch /
1550 mm /
1.55 Mtr.
82 inch /
2083 mm /
2.08 Mtr.